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    Hi, Distillers – 

    We would like to invite you to participate in the 19th Annual Bite of Bend in Downtown Bend, Oregon, this June 11th – 13th, 2021. The Bite of Bend has over 25,000 attendees pass through the event throughout the 3-day weekend. Join us for Central Oregon’s largest food and beverage festival and help celebrate our regional food and libations culture.

    Entrance to The Bite of Bend is free to the public and is held on the streets of downtown Bend, Oregon. The event offers over 40 food truck/tent options including Central Oregon’s best restaurants & regional gourmet bites as well as craft food supplies & art vendors.

    Cocktail Week

    Cocktail Week is the week leading up to the Mixology Showcase. Every distillery in the Mixology Showcase will be paired with a bar/restaurant in the Bend area and will work together to create a signature cocktail using the distillery’s spirit. The cocktail will be available for purchase at the bar/restaurant. The Cocktail, restaurant/bar, and distillery will be featured in the Source Weekly Cocktail Guide.

    Mixology Details

    Mixology will occur in fenced in area on Minnesota, west of Bond, during the hours of 5pm-9pm on Friday June 11th and 11am-9pm on Saturday June 12th. Mixology Showcase will not occur on Sunday. Mixology Showcase will consist of spirits tasting and specialty cocktails. Only Guest 21 & up will be allowed to enter. Anyone may enter but only patrons who pay to get a Mixology wristband will be allowed to sample products.

    There is no cost for the distillery to participate in the event. However, the distillery will need to provide at least 1 specialty cocktail, samples of spirits, 10x10 tent with weights and a banner(décor is strongly suggested). We encourage each distillery to bring at least 3 different types of spirits to the event. Distilleries must also present one specialty cocktail using their product to be served in a 2-oz. pour in their area. Distilleries are expected to staff their area with knowledgeable pourers regarding your product.

    Spirit Sales & Representatives
    o Each vendor may sell products with valid SED o 100% proceeds from bottle sales will go to the distillery.
    o All samples may only be given to someone who has a mixology wrist band.
    o Bottles sold may not be opened onsite by the public; all bottles MUST be bagged and stapled or tapped shut.
    o Selling of bar ware, tinctures, mixes and any other bar related products are allowed
    o ICE PERMIT- LIOE strongly discourages the use of ice, if the distillery uses any ice in their drink or spirit the distillery must get an ice permit and give a copy of the receipt to LIOE.

    (This permit can be processed licenses online! APPLY HERE:
    Go to apply online on the Deschutes County Website and look the link posted above to apply for an Ice Permit)

    If you have further questions after reading the contents of this application please contact us. Completed application may be returned via email, fax or mail.